About Us

Top of Georgia is an economic development initiative that serves as a nonprofit fundraising arm to enhance the marketing efforts of the publicly funded Northwest Georgia Joint Development Authority (NWGAJDA).  We serve as a way for private individuals or companies to contribute to the economic well being of the greater Northwest Georgia area as a whole.

Our Story

After realizing a gap in competitiveness with other economic development entities around the Southeast, Jeff Mullis, Executive Director of the Northwest Georgia Joint Development Authority, decided to have a fundraising event to get the private community involved in the economic development process.  Through his efforts, he managed to raise around $10,000 to help assist the NWGAJDA in its marketing efforts.  In doing so, Jeff realized that the private side was interested in contributing to the NWGAJDA's success.

In 2012, Top of Georgia applied for and received its 501(c)(3) status and became a certified nonprofit corporation which allows private companies and individuals to make tax deductible charitable contributions to help further the economic development efforts of their community.  The nonprofit status allowed for an aggressive fundraising campaign.  As a result, we launched the Partners in Progress Campaign in 2013.

The Partners in Progress Campaign engaged the local business communities of Northwest Georgia and Chattanooga in the economic prosperity of the Northwest Georgia Area for the first time.  We were able increase the amount of funds available for our economic development efforts and start a broader conversation about what economic development looks like for our region and where we want to head in the future.

We have many investors ranging from small companies to large corporations and individuals.  The size of an investor's contribution is not as important as the interest they have taken in the economic welfare of our community and we thank each and every investor for their foresight and commitment to our community.


The Top of Georgia publishes a quarterly newsletter that features economic development success stories and news from around the region.

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